Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is a partnership between a person and a qualified spiritual coach. The relationship is a covenant of trust entered into to in order to assist an individual to produce meaningful and lasting results in their personal, professional, and spiritual life. It is clear that culture has shifted away from some of the old expectations of success, and is focusing on a more grounded personal definition of meaning and purpose based on values, ethics, and faith.  “Spiritual Coaching” engages the transforming power of the Spirit so that we are in touch with deeper truths and listen to that guidance. As a Christ-follower I specialize in working with others in growing that relationship and applying it to their life in all aspects.

Spiritual Coaching will give you insight into:

• True personal spiritual engagement
• Heightened sense of guidance in life choices
• Spiritual and physical health
• Greater creativity
• Lasting happiness
• A supernatural sense of peace

In addition it can establish:

•  Improved professional success
• Stronger relationships
• Financial accountability and stability
• Business acumen
• A more attractive self-sacrificing personality

Spiritual Coaching takes all that you have experienced and understood and uses successful coaching techniques to help you grow in all of these areas. Much of this is based upon a deeper inner peace gained through spirituality that is a gift given our of free divine grace by our Creator. The “consciousness” creates many opportunities for significant personal growth. The point of this type of coaching is to take spiritual principles and spiritual ideals and interface with your day to day experience, so that they can be applied practically in every aspect of your life. The result is greater satisfaction and peace that comes from our common desire to grow, be happy, and understand life more clearly based.

Additionally, Spiritual Coaching supports us to so that we will work toward a more “wholeistic” approach to life and growth. It is an integration of body, mind, heart, spirit that Jesus of Nazareth spoke of as “love” – which leads us toward a more highly effective person. Through coaching on spiritual guidance we can deepen and help you define more clearly life’s meaning and you will begin to feel more empowered. This takes place as you have a more authentic sense of who we are as a human being and discover a genuine connection to God, the life you were intended to live, spiritual dimensions which help us realize our own dreams, and relationships to other people.

3 Responses to Spiritual Coaching

  1. Being a night owl, I infrequently see the sunrise; however, the times that I do happen to be up to enjoy early morning hours, I’m always touched by it’s beauty. Maybe I could pick one day of the week to rise early to greet the dawn and to pray like Jesus did. Maybe that could bring a refreshing experience to my normal way of doing things.

  2. Chamroeun says:

    It’s always a relief when someone with obvious expertise asnewrs. Thanks!

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