Professional Profile


  • Established ministries in Greater Cincinati, OH and Kansas City, KS 1979-1987
  • Served the Bethany Faith Community since 1987 LaPorte, Indiana
  • Writer, Speaker, Consultant, Coach
  • Have worked with thousands of individual clients in variety of life situations
  • Coordinated leadership workshops with nationally known  speakers
  • BA Humanities – Valparaiso University Valparaiso, IN
  • MDiv – LSTC Chicago, IL
  • Web site  and



6 Responses to Professional Profile

  1. Charles J. Ansorge says:

    He also raised two great children and has a lovely spouse. And, every once in a while he is very funny. Not a bad voice either. He likes Macs. Not the Big Mac type.

  2. Ray Wiberg says:

    You have also left a legacy of faith in all of us. Thank you for your good counsel.

  3. Chuck Clabbers says:

    Denny I was getting the spirtal coaching daily but I haven’t got it ib a while. I enjoy reading it and then thinking about it through the day. It’s like being able to talk with you like we used to.
    Chuck C.

  4. mary p. says:

    Thank you for another beautiful way to share positive uplifting hapiness with my friends! Our pastor says you never know who you might help through something as simple as sharing a post on FB and I absolutely believe in that!

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